Financial Inclusion/SHG Promotion

Over the years the Community involvement and the concept of self-help were felt most required for the success of efforts to mitigate poverty in the country. In other words, Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are realized to be a proven model/methodology to address the issues of social and financial exclusion, poverty alleviation and women empowerment. To activate this model, micro-credit has been recognised as a powerful tool in the struggle to end poverty and economic dependence. Solutions to the alleviation of poverty lie in generation of self-employment/wage employment opportunities. Such opportunities can be created by bringing at least one member of every BPL family into the fold of SHGs and enhancing access to micro-credit and livelihood support services.

Taking note of numerous reasons due to which rural / urban poor has limited or no access to livelihood assets like human capital, social capital, physical capital, financial capital, and natural capital and make their livelihood unsustainable. JF has been following people centered approach and a strategy wherein SHG is a means to achieve the end. It creates a vibrant platform for the following:

  1. Financial Inclusion and income generation through Agriculture, AH/Dairy and handicraft development
  2. Empowerment-capacity development
  3. Social development- health, education etc
  4. Skill development
  5. Social action

The process enables SHG members and their households to access livelihood support services and enhance income generation and asset building capacity.