Sustainable Livelihood Promotion

JF believes that all women are potential entrepreneur but in state of passivity due to gender related social attitude and unavailability of services required for entrepreneurship development. Accordingly, JF enables them to have enhanced participation in intensifying existing livelihood option of their households by accessing and effectively utilizing financial as well as enterprise development services. Once, some degree of success is achieved, gender biased attitude against her will weaken and she will become more confident and adept in acquiring skills for new enterprise development. JF will be identifying enterprise development service providers as per location specific needs and forge partnership with them for ensuring in situ availability of following services to women SHGs.

A.  Improving the availability of less expensive or higher quality inputs

  1. Introducing new or improved product and technologies/ processes/best practices for productivity improvement
  2. Enhancing business skills and market access to improve their income generation and asset-building capacity

B.  Improving management and technical skills